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Martin and Harper agree to postpone election
OTTAWA -- In a dramatic news conference today, Paul Martin announced that the federal election will be postponed until November 2, 2004. Standing next to an almost smiling Stephen Harper, Martin explained to the thunderstruck audience that the Liberal and Conservative parties had agreed to set a new election date and to a fixed four-year mandate because of an incredible election security threat. Full Story

Liberals bring two- year time limit to healthcare
VICTORIA -- Premier Gordon Campbell and Prime Minister Paul Martin yesterday announced an agreement expanding BC's successful two-year welfare time limit to include healthcare. The federal government will provide start up money for the initiative from its special Healthcare Access Reform for Medicare In Transition (HARMIT) fund. Full Story

Global's Reality TV News is better than real news
BURNABY - Global TV may be the gold medal standard in BC news, but that doesn't mean they're resting on their laurels. While other media outlets are still struggling to produce old-fashioned TV news, Global is taking current affairs programming to a whole new level with its revolutionary new and improved Reality TV News format. Full Story

Minister touts education fund
UBC - Joe Volpe, federal Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, chose UBC as a backdrop to unveil his government's vision for higher education in Canada. "Post-secondary education is the key to Canada's future prosperity and profitability," said Volpe. Full Story

Harper pledges US-style security
WASHINGTON - Conservative leader Stephen Harper slammed Canada’s internal and external security as woefully inadequate. Harper said the most prudent and cost-effective solution to Canadašs security crisis is to outsource our military and policing requirements to the United States government. Full Story

100% of Vancouverites choose CanWest dailies
To take the pulse of our community, we polled Vancouverites about their local newspaper choices. 100 percent of decided respondents chose a CanWest paper as their preferred local daily (excluding joke responses such as "Vancouver has no local papers-- they're all dictated from Toronto or Winnipeg"). Full Story

Human rights are for losers
GOLD RUSHMORE - After taking a lot of heat, Premier Gordon Campbell has reversed the decision to abolish the BC Human Rights Commission while standing by his previous statements that the commission was a socialist-engineering busybody that rewarded losers. Full Story

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New study proves CEOs are underpaid
BAY STREET – The Fraser Institute has published a ground-breaking, peer-reviewed scientific study that proves Canada’s CEOs are actually undervalued and underpaid. Full Story

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